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Hafiza, Alima,Qaria, Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabrakatuhu. I am Afreen khan, a qualified Quran teacher with 12 years experience of teaching females and children world wide. I'll teach: •If you looking for a experienced Quran Teacher for kids and females. •If you want to learn the Qaidah. •If you want to learn the correct Quran recitation with tajweed. •If you want to memories the whole Quran or some Surahs of the Holy Quran. •If you want to recite the Holy Quran in Arabic accents. 1.Basic Noorani Qaida Book (Arabic Alphabetic Proper pronunciation,Qaida Noorani) 2. Recitation with complete Tajweed advance tajweed 3. Hifzul quran majeed complete. Sessions will be one-to-one on any software like Zoom, Google meeting and any other way which you like.

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5.0 Communication
5.0 Teaching Skills
5.0 Punctuality
5.0 Overall Experience
Isra Fathima Sajida
1 reviews December 29, 2021 11:23 pm

The sessions are very beneficial and useful for my daughter. They explain in a way with real time scenarios and examples that my daughter easily grasps.

5.0 Communication
5.0 Teaching Skills
5.0 Punctuality
5.0 Overall Experience

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